Special Needs Committee

Special Needs Documents

Summary: The Special Needs Chair works with Special Needs committees and professionals to assist in carrying the AA message to those who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, chronically ill or homebound and those who are developmentally disabled. He/she keeps the Area informed about Special Needs 12th-Step activities and encourages member participation in those activities. The Special Needs Chair and committee help to provide a clearinghouse of information in the area with respect to the GSO catalog of AA Literature and Audiovisual Materials for Special Needs and information from public Special Needs agencies and professionals.


  1. Keep a record of members in districts and groups willing to work in Special Needs services and assist members with special needs. Visit groups and districts within the area as often as possible and encourage participation in Special Needs services from the individual members and districts.
  2. Maintain a list of Special Needs contacts to include volunteer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.
  3. Work with district committees to encourage information sharing meetings in the community and coordinate the activities of Special Needs as it relates to AA within the area.
  4. Distribute information from the General Service Office (GSO) and other Areas regarding Special Need. Help promote awareness of the GSO catalog of AA Literature and Audiovisual Materials for Special Needs and encourage the use of catalog items for special needs such as Braille, large print and easy to read literature and media such as audiotapes and closed captioned and ASL videos.
  5. Coordinate with the Area Chair and Convention Chair to ensure that Special Needs considerations are accommodated for assemblies, area committee meeting and area events.
  6. Coordinate Special Needs workshops and workshops/presentations to those districts and/or groups that request them.
  7. Develop, maintain and distribute an Area Special Needs Workbook.