Intergroup Liaison

Intergroup Liaison Documents

Intergroup Liaison

Duty Description: The Intergroup Liaison serves as Area representative to maintain open communications with Intergroup/Central Offices. His/her regular contact with the Intergroup/Central Offices helps provide the Area with an informed membership regarding Intergroup/Central Office matters and concerns.

Intergroup Liaison Duties:

  1. Coordinate with Intergroup/Central Offices within NETA65 to help ensure a two-way flow of information between the Area and the Intergroup/Central Offices utilizing reports to NETA65, emails, and individual Intergroup/Central Office meeting reports.
  2. Attend all Intergroup/Central Office business meetings when possible. Participate when requested in NETA activities (i.e. workshops, panels, etc.).
  3. Keep NETA65 membership informed as to all Intergroup/Central Office meetings, activities, and issues.
  4. Maintain an updated list of all Intergroup/Central Office meeting schedules and contact information.
  5. Brief the Intergroup/Central Office Report at all Area Committee meetings and Area Assembly’s.
  6. The following seven (7) Intergroups/Central Offices are in NETA65:
  • Dallas Intergroup Association
  • Ft. Worth Central Office
  • Waco Central Office/Central Texas Intergroup
  • Tyler Central Office
  • Texarkana Intergroup
  • Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De Alcoholicos Anonimos (AA) Ft. Worth
  • Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De Alcoholicos Anonimos (AA) Dallas

Any other Intergroup/Central Office formed within the Northeast Texas Area3: Participate when requested in NETA activities (i.e. workshops, panels, etc.).

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