Welcome to the website for Northeast Texas Area (NETA) 65 of Alcoholics Anonymous!

This site is designed to serve the needs of the members of Alcoholics Anonymous in approximately 450 groups in 29 Districts. (See map below.)

If you think you might have a drinking problem, refer to the right-hand side of this page for links to AA meetings near you. We are glad to help!

The next NETA65 Assembly will be held on
June 27-28, 2020, as a Virtual Assembly.


Registration for NETA Assemblies is not new, only the online process is new. Our Registration follows NETA’s Policies and Procedures as specified in # 2.3. Obviously the last sentence does not apply with online meetings as we do not “sit in a space reserved for voting members.”

Voting rights at these Area Assemblies are extended to members of the Area Committee as set forth in article 1.1, and to all General Service Representatives (GSRs) of the Northeast Texas Area. Alternate Area Service Committee Chairpersons (approved under section 2.2) vote only in the absence of the Chairpersons. Alternate DCMs and GSRs vote only if the primary DCM or GSR is not in attendance. In the event neither the primary nor alternate GSR is in attendance, the group should appoint a representative to attend and register as a voting member. The business portion of each NETA Assembly will begin with the NETA Secretary completing a roll call of NETA officers, NETA standing committee chairs, DCMs and GSRs using the NETA registration attendance list. Voting members will sit in a space reserved for voting members only during the business portion of the meeting.

NETA Registration is confidential and used for three purposes:

  1. The Registration Attendance List for the voting roll call
  2. Facilitating the GSR / DCM breakout sessions (GSRs, Alt GSRs, DCMs, Alt, DCMs)
  3. Security for the Zoom meeting




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