Newsletter Editor

Summary: The North East Texas Area Newsletter Editor works with the Area Committee Officers, Area Committee Standing Committee Chairpersons, District Committee Members, and other members of the Area (GSRs, etc.) to collect and print information from these sources. The Newsletter is published in bi-lingual format of both English and Spanish and the Area Secretary’s Minutes are Included within the format of the Newsletter. The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the publication of an informative and attractive newsletter to the Area four times a year, providing it to the Area fellowship in a timely fashion prior to the Assembly during Assembly quarters and prior to the Area Orientation/Workshop for the winter quarter.

Qualifications: Computer and word-processing skills are very important, as well as good grammar and attention to detail. Knowledge of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts is advised.


  1. Obtain Newsletter articles from DCMs, Area Committee Officers, their Alternates, Area Standing Committee Chairs, and others (GSRs, etc.) for the Area newsletter. Also keep informed of activities and issues going on within Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.
  2. Proof read all articles for correct grammar, spelling, newsworthiness, timeliness, and principles over personalities. Carefully reviewing all editorial type commentary to eliminate any name calling and including whenever possible the member’s position rather than their actual name where critical content exists. Removing last names of any AA members while identifying the non-AA status of anyone whose last name is included.
  3. Prepare the newsletter in bi-lingual format (English and Spanish), staying within budget for printing costs, and coordinate with the printer for publication.
  4. Post the Newsletter on the Area Website and email the completed Newsletter to the Area Secretary who then emails the Newsletter to the subscribers accepting their Newsletter by email.
  5. Prepare the newsletter four (4) times per year and have it ready to mail within six (6) weeks prior to the next Assembly or Orientation/Workshop for the winter quarter.
  6. Organize and coordinate the scheduling and hosting of area mail-outs at group and district locations around the area and report the mail-out schedule at area assemblies and committee meetings.
  7. Manage the mail-out of the Area Newsletter and obtain mailing labels from the Alt Secretary (when there is an updated list).
  8. Arrange for bulk mailing and imprint postage permits and related budget approval of the cost of mailing. The Area uses Metropolitan Press (1250 Majesty Dr. Dallas, TX 75247, 214-635-3131) for the Newsletter printing and mailing needs. The contact is Justin Reeves (