Public Information

Event Flyers  Informational Pamphlets

Summary: the Public Information Chair works with PI service committees to carry the AA message in PI programs requested by schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies and other organizations interested in the AA approach to recovery from alcoholism. He/she keeps the area informed about PI 12th Step activities and encourages members to participate. The PI Chair and committee help to provide a clearinghouse of information in the area with respect to PI services, coordinating the exchange of ideas and resources among districts. Additionally the PI Chair and committee collaborate with other area committees in carrying the AA message.

Qualifications: Some computer knowledge is also desirable for matters related to managing the area web site.


  1. Maintain a current area list of PI contacts and work with district committees on how to encourage information sharing meetings in the community and coordinate the activities of all public information as it relates to AA within the area. Be available to meet with media professionals during normal business hours.
  2. Keep a record of reports and lists of members in districts willing to work in PI services and act as a contact for the individual district committees and the area. Visit groups and districts within the area as often as possible and encourage participation in PI services from the individual members and districts.
  3. Set up and maintain a planned list of PI events and recruit members to participate in the events and coordinate any AA exposure to media within the area.
  4. Develop and maintain area PI displays as necessary. Also maintain a news clipping service for the area and provide news articles to the area Archives for retention.
  5. Obtain and distribute conference-approved radio, press and television material throughout the area. Monitor AA anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films and inform the Area Delegate of anonymity breaks.
  6. Maintain list of small newspaper, radio and TV stations in the area, and mail anonymity statements to publications with a circulation of 49,999 or less.

Recruit and oversee a NETA Webmaster.  The responsibilities are:

Summary: the Webmaster is a member of the NETA Public Information (PI) Committee. The primary function of the position is to develop, maintain and secure the Area’s Internet website,, to help inform interested parties of a wide variety of Area information and events.

Qualifications: the position is technically demanding. The office holder should have a computer background and working knowledge of internet technologies including, but not limited to: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MYSQL, Web servers and DNS. If the office holder does not have the background sufficient for managing the website directly, the responsibilities may be delegated, but the Webmaster must maintain control over content and access.


  1. Maintain the functionality of the website.
  2. Monitor website content and links to ensure they respect the Traditions and conform to NETA guidelines.
  3. Inform the PI Chair of any issues with the site and/or inform the Area Committee of concerns or changes to the site.
  4. Monitor access security of the website.
  5. Upload files as requested by area committee members and add links to those files.
  6. Change area committee member email addresses, and links to the addresses, each Panel and as necessary to enhance site security.
  7. Update contact links to other General Service Structure entities and Central/Intergroup Offices.  Add links to Northeast Texas Area District site on our NETA web page, making certain that there is a window that “pops up” advising the user that they are leaving the NETA web site.
  8. Monitor content added to the area calendar to ensure it is within area guidelines.
  9. Archive Panel-specific documents to the Panel Archives web page after rotation.