Archives Committee

NOTE: This description of duties is from the 2016 NETA 65 Handbook. In 2018, the position of Archivist/Historian was eliminated, however, the Archives Committee still exists. The information contained here will be updated in the coming months.

Summary: the Archivist and Historian serves as the focal point of the collection, determining what to include and work towards making the collection available to the greatest extent possible to members and those in the public realm with a valid interest in AA.

Qualifications: It is desirable to have reasonable familiarity with archival procedures and conservation. The office holder should have a good understanding of current copyright laws and a solid understanding of the anonymity principles of the Twelve Traditions.


As NETA Archivist:
As NETA Historian research, develop and maintain:
Administer the formal receipt and acknowledgment of contributions to the area Archives.
Organize and catalog contributions to the archives and provide an updated catalog to the Archives Committee Chair. Ensure that the archives do not become a central collection point for miscellaneous odds and ends or papers and is focused on limiting the archives collection to materials of substantive and historical value.
Report regularly to the Archives Committee, Area Committee and Assembly about new material received, history projects and recording the contributions/distribution of Archives materials. Contributions and distributions are recorded in a manner that provides a clear accountability trail.
Preserve and repair the collection and select representative samples for arrangement into traveling displays.
Assist the Archives Committee Chair in ensuring both the physical and intellectual integrity of the collection and protecting the privacy and anonymity of members whose names are included in the collection.
AA history presentations for showing at groups, districts, assemblies and AA sponsored events.
An Area 65 history and digital records management system to preserve area and district records.