Convention Committee

Summary: The Convention Chair performs planning, budgeting and administrative actions necessary to obtain appropriate facilities for area assemblies, conferences and major events hosted by the area.


  1. Ensure that all assemblies and conventions are organized and managed as specified in the NETA Policies and Procedures document.
  2. Appoint all necessary planning and activity committees necessary to ensure successful area assemblies and conventions.
  3. Coordinate with the area committee on the location and dates of the regularly scheduled area assemblies.
  4. Ensure that the Fall Assembly and Convention is both centrally located and scheduled as close as possible to the third weekend in September.
  5. Solicit proposals from area hotels and contracts with the specific hotel of choice and work closely with the hotel staff to facilitate the assemblies and resolve problems.
  6. Maintain a separate bank account for deposit and disbursement of funds for the assembly and convention.
  7. Manage advance funds received from the Area Treasurer and ensure that registration receipts and donations are returned to the Treasurer. Complete a typed financial statement which is to be presented to the area committee.
  8. Work with district volunteers throughout the area to instruct on hosting the out-lying assemblies and remain available to the “host district” chairpersons and local committee members in facilitating their hosting a Winter or Summer Assembly. Also arrange for district hosting of the assembly hospitality suite.
  9. Ensure that the Al-Anon Family Groups Fellowship is invited to participate in the Fall Assembly and Convention. For the Fall Assembly and Convention, also ensure that transportation, lodging, meals and registration expense reimbursements are provided to: (a) All speakers (AA, AL-Anon and Alateen), (b) the Delegate, (c) the Al-Anon chairperson, (d) the Convention chairperson, and (e) the Area Chairperson.
  10. Ensure that literature, tapes and other items displayed and sold at any area assembly or convention are Conference approved or from Grapevine or are GSO service pieces.
  11. To the extent possible and practicable, ensure that assemblies, conventions and special events provide services to attendees with special needs and bi-lingual interpretation needs.