Cooperation with the Professional Community

Summary: the CPC Chair works with CPC service committees to focus on “cooperation but not affiliation” with professionals in the community – health care professionals, educators, members of the clergy, lawyers, courts, social workers, union leaders and industrial managers and others in contact with active alcoholics. Information is provided about where AA is, what AA is, what AA can and cannot do. He/she ensures the area is informed of CPC activities and recruits members to join together in carrying the AA message at professional meetings, seminars and more. The CPC Chair and committee help to provide a clearinghouse of information in the area with respect to CPC services, coordinating the exchange of ideas and resources among districts. Additionally the CPC Chair and committee collaborate with other area committees in carrying the AA message.


  1. Assist district CPC committees by providing literature, guidelines and guidance related to recruiting volunteers and conducting CPC service work.
  2. Find productive and creative ways of cooperating without affiliating, attempting to establish better communication between AA and professionals.
  3. Organize and conduct CPC workshops to help prepare volunteers for CPC service and to inform attendees how CPC overlaps with other service committees.
  4. Participate at the invitation of the General Service Office in hosting an A.A. booth at Professional Conventions held within the Area.
  5. Participate at the invitation of other entities in Cooperation with Professional Communities service.