Literature / Audio Visual Committee

Literature – Summary:  To provide information and assistance to districts and groups concerning AA literature, and assist in resolving questions and concerns of area members with regard to our AA literature.


  1. Regularly schedule and conduct committee meetings.
  2. Keep current on new and upcoming as well as revised literature and material from GSO
  3. Inform groups, districts, and assembly members of AA literature, audio-visual and special items available through displays and other suitable methods.
  4. Cooperate and share information with other Area service committees.
  5. Gather a committee composed of group and District literature chairs.
  6. Encourage AA members to read and purchase AA Conference approved literature.

Audio-Visual Summary: works with districts and groups to show Conference-approved videos to the membership. The Video chair has responsibility for a portable television and library of Conference-approved bi-lingual videos owned by the area.


  1. Ensure that the area inventory of videos is oriented to bi-lingual presentation in English and Spanish.
  2. Travel to group, district and area events to show videos.
  3. Maintain oversight and safekeeping of area videos and video equipment.
  4. Provide a written inventory of area video equipment and videos to the Area Secretary.