Technology Committee

What is the NETA Technology Committee?

  1. Support the Area, Districts and Groups around Technology issues.
  2. Be a tech resource for all Area committees and officers.
  3. Be the Area tech repository of information on how technology is being used in AA and the AA service structure.
  4. Participate in the Technology in AA Discussion Forum and applicable Workshops.
  5. Support Area workshops as requested on technology and technology related issues. (Committee will not be responsible for content – only implementation and training.)
  6. Provide oversight and assistance to the Area Webservant position

Summary: The Technology Chair works with the Technology Committee to provide assistance with the technology needs of the Area. The Technology Chair offers advice and solutions to questions related to technology questions which can include troubleshooting computer issues, websites, telephone/video conferencing, and email.

Qualifications: The Technology Chair should be knowledgeable in current technologies and have a good working knowledge of computers, conferencing technologies, and email systems.


  1. Assist Area Officers and Committee Chairs with any computer issues they have when performing their AA responsibilities.
  2. Provide advice or support to any District or Group that requests assistance with their technology.
  3. Be the primary contact for all Area video conferencing design, setup, implementation, and training.
  4. Participate in the Technology in AA Discussion Forum and applicable Workshops.
  5. Recruit and oversee the NETA Webservant position

NETA Webservant Responsibilities :

Summary: The Webservant is a member of the NETA Technology Committee. The primary function of the position is to develop, maintain and secure the Area’s Internet website,, to help inform interested parties of a wide variety of Area information and events.

Qualifications: the position is technically demanding. The office holder should have a computer background and working knowledge of internet technologies including, but not limited to: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MYSQL, Web servers and DNS. If the office holder does not have the background sufficient for managing the website directly, the responsibilities may be delegated, but the Webmaster must maintain control over content and access.


  1. Maintain the functionality of the website.
  2. Monitor website content and links to ensure they respect the Traditions and conform to NETA guidelines.
  3. Inform the Technology Chair of any issues with the site and/or inform the Area Committee of concerns or substantial changes to the site.
  4. Monitor access security of the website.
  5. Upload files as requested by Area Committee Members and add links to those files.
  6. Provide forwarding for Area Committee Member email addresses, and links to the addresses, each Panel and as necessary to ensure site security.
  7. Update contact links to other General Service Structure entities and Central/Intergroup Offices.
  8. Add content to the NETA65 events calendar and ensure it meets Area guidelines.
  9. Archive Panel-specific documents in such a way to maintain member access.