Treatment Facilities Committee

Summary: the Treatment Facilities Chair works with the TF committee to take AA meetings and Bridging the Gap services to patients in treatment facilities and half-way houses. He/she keeps the area informed about treatment facilities 12th Step activities and encourages members to participate in them. The TF Chair and committee help to provide a clearinghouse of information in the area with respect to TF services, coordinating the exchange of ideas and resources among districts. Additionally the TF Chair and committee provide experience and assistance, in developing projects that will further the carrying of our AA message through TF services.


  1. Maintain a current list of facilities in the NETA including long term, short term, and outpatient treatment facilities, detox centers and halfway houses. Assistdistrict committees to encourage meetings within these facilities.
  2. Keep arecord of reports and lists of members in districts willing to work in TF services. Act as a contact for the individual district committees and the area. Visit groups and districts within the area as often as possible and encourage participation in TF services from the individual members and districts.
  3. Set up and maintain a “bridging the gap” process from the treatment facilities into the larger AA community’ (Temporary Contact Program.) and assist Central or Intergroup Offices in this service.